Below are my current investment holdings.

They range from 20% of my investable asset to as small as $100.

With public equity, I invest in a basket of 5-20 stocks at any given time. With crypto, I’m heavy in Ethereum and Solana, and tend hold positions in 1-5 smaller cap assets.

In the private market, I've only invested in a select few. If you are a seed stage founder, I can be helpful giving product feedback, connecting you to design resources, and introducing you to some investors who write larger checks.
Last updated Jan 12, 2023
  • A fast L1 blockchain, with low fees & near instant confirmations.
  • Blockchain Oracle to power smart contracts
  • A decentralized blockchain with smart contract functionality.
  • Exchange platform for buying, selling, exchanging cryptocurrency.
  • Online commerce platform.
  • Block is Square, Cash App, Spiral, and Tidal.
  • Vacation homes & condo rentals.
  • Online business banking platform. Betting on the best-in-class, vertical focused neobank.