The Brief

I first met Kavita when I gave her a light bumper tap in my 93' jeep on a rainy Vancouver day. Her new Tesla was unaffected (slightest pressure mark), but she was concerned about the internal bumper sensors. She googled me, found my website, and we decided to work together on a rebrand for her medical clinic.

The Challenge

Kavita was wanting to give her clinic a refresh to appeal to younger generations, for this campaign we focused on personas who have an active lifestyle and care about their health. Our shoot included lifestyle shots, consulting images, clinic photos, and practitioner headshots.

  • Pre Production Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • Photography
  • Post Production
  • (2) 8 Hour Shoot
  • 10 Day Turn Around
  • (20) Clinic Photos
  • (20) Lifestyle Photos
  • (20) Nature Photos