Balance is true integrative medicine clinic, focusing on all body systems from hormones, to immunity, to intestinal health, to sports injuries, and more.

Balance Medical
August 2018
Creative Direction
2 x 8 Hour Shoot days
3 Day Turnaround
My initial encounter with Kavita, the owner, occurred during a rainy day in Vancouver when I accidentally gave her brand new Tesla a light bumper tap with my trusty 93' jeep. Thankfully, her car sustained minimal damage, a slight pressure mark, but she expressed concern about the internal bumper sensors. Curious about the person behind the unintentional bump, she googled me, stumbled upon my website, and saw an opportunity for collaboration.

Given our connection and the spirit of doing good things, I offered a discounted friends and family price for the project, allowing us to create something remarkable for her clinic while fostering a genuine and lasting partnership.
Kavita had a vision of revitalizing her clinic's image to resonate with a younger demographic, and thus, we embarked on a compelling campaign targeted at individuals with an active lifestyle who prioritize their health. To achieve this, we meticulously developed personas that represented the desired audience.

By combining lifestyle shots, consulting images, clinic photos, and practitioner headshots, the campaign achieved a well-rounded and compelling portrayal of Kavita's clinic, perfectly tailored to captivate the attention of the younger, health-conscious demographic she sought to reach.
20 Clinic Photos
20 Lifestyle Photos
20 Nature Photos
6 Headshots