Nordic Research Group (NRG) is a cutting-edge Swedish consultancy specializing in behaviour change to tackle real-world problems.

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Using a data-driven approach and leveraging the latest research in behavioural science, NBG offers a unique brand of strategic consulting grounded in scientific research and a collaborative approach. They provide evidence-based insights and strategies to public and private organizations, helping them facilitate behaviour change among citizens, customers, users, and employees.
We were honoured to be invited to create NBG’s brand strategy, brand identity, and digital experience from scratch in close collaboration with the founders. Drawing inspiration from the Nordic heritage, we developed a flag system that uses flagpoles to create a distinctive graphical language that can be playfully combined with the wordmark and typography. We also aimed to evoke a calming, almost mindful atmosphere inspired by the clouds and sea, which serve as a metaphor for the name and the connection between our Nordic countries.