I’m  Dylan , a designer, creative & entrepreneur working mainly on digital products at the crossroads of technology, design and art. I bring a unique understanding growth and business fundamentals to how I build products.

I currently work as a freelancer. My main focus on helping startups create amazing design experiences for their product, while also producing original visual content for startups. I am fascinated by creating projects from start to finish.

Right now, I’m taking on select freelance work while pursuing some personal projects.

When I am not working, I am probably riding my bike, listening to rap, scheming up, or trying something new.

Daily Design

Everyday I focus on creating some form of new design. This can range from graphics, applications, websites, and a few others - in the realm of digital design. I have one rule, the design cannot take more than an hour.


Design Process Masterclass

09/2019 – 11/2019

Webflow Masterclass 2.0

Flux Academy
04/2019 – 06/2019

Design Sprint Masterclass

AJ Smart
04/2019 – 06/2019

UX Design Masterclass

04/2019 – 06/2019

Creative Consultant

Elliot Store
01/2020 – 04/2020

Freelance Designer

Dylan Boychuk
08/2019 – Present

Freelance Filmmaker

Dylan Boychuk
08/2017 – Present

Freelance Photographer

Dylan Boychuk
04/2015 – Present